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Facts about sleep

Sleep is and always will be a mystery. There are many facts and facts about sleep and sleeping. Some of them are surprising, some are rather amusing. What do men prefer to dream about, what keeps women busy at night and where is the world record for sleep deprivation? Interesting sleep habits of animals and humans as well as debunking one of the biggest rumors on sleep.

  1. 28 days of sleep deprivation in rats led to death in an experiment.
  2. Briton Tony Wright holds the world record for staying awake for 266 hours (11 days). After that, however, even he had to go to bed for an extended period.
  3. Napoleon, according to legend, slept only 4 hours a night, no wonder with his busy schedule. Albert Einstein, on the other hand, is said to have spent 14 hours a day sleeping.
  4. Elephants get by on 2-6 hours of sleep a day, while bats sleep away a full 20 hours of the day.
  5. According to surveys, about 48% of Germans wear pajamas or nightgowns to bed. Only around 5% of respondents said they sleep naked.
  6. “Falling into the deep” was named as the most frequent nightmare by study participants, closely followed by dreams about being late for an important appointment.
  7. 68% of Germans sleep on their sides, and 57% like to sleep with the window open.
  8. French people sleep an average of 530 minutes a day, topping a survey of 18 countries. Germans spend only 492 minutes in the land of dreams, and South Koreans get the least sleep, 469 minutes a day.
  9. For Germans, the bedroom is sacred! If surveys are to be believed, people are very reluctant to show friends where they sleep, while the inside of the refrigerator is usually open to prying eyes.
  10. The fact that people unknowingly swallow 8 spiders a year while sleeping is a rumor that persists.
  11. It was started in the early 1990s by journalist Lisa Holst to demonstrate how easily information spreads that is mistaken for supposed facts
  12. When it is difficult to fall asleep, 46% of Germans turn to bedtime reading, while sheep are counted by only 5% of those involuntarily awake.
  13. When asked what was more important than sex, 11% of respondents said sleep.
  14. On average, a person sleeps through a third of his or her life. In other words, we sleep about 4 months a year.
  15. The hibernation of the hedgehog can last up to 5 months. During this time, it loses about 30% of its body weight.
  16. Migratory birds sleep in flight! In doing so, they switch one hemisphere of their brain to “standby” at a time, so they don’t have to keep landing to rest on their long journey. The same phenomenon can be observed in sharks, which have to keep moving in order to pass water through their gills.
  17. The 49th article of the Chinese constitution grants the working population the right to take an hour’s nap (“Xeu-Xi”).
  18. In men’s dreams, violence, their own goals and work often play a role, while women dream of people close to them and clothes. This was shown by a long-term study among 1000 respondents.
  19. Alcohol makes you tired, but sleep in a drunken stupor is more like fainting or anesthesia. The body is so busy breaking down the alcohol at that moment that no real deep sleep with recovery value occurs.
  20. Nearly a quarter of all fatal car accidents can be attributed to the infamous “microsleep.”
  21. Google currently finds 21,800,000 results for “sleep.” For the search term “work,” in turn, 228,000,000 hits are displayed.
  22. About 10 to 30 % of all children sleepwalk at least once until they reach puberty.
  23. At 51,000 euros, the “Vividus” model from Swedish manufacturer Hästens is probably the most expensive mattress in the world. Among other things, hand-sewn horse tail hair is used in the manufacture of the premium mattress.
  24. According to a survey, about two-thirds of German men snore. Fortunately, 80% of the partners surveyed said they were not particularly bothered by it.
  25. According to American psychologists, a person’s sleeping position can be used to describe his or her character. According to them, sleeping in the side position with the knees drawn up (“fetal position”) means that you are emotional, sensitive and creative. By the way, this position is one of the most common sleeping positions.
  26. Americans prefer to sleep on their sides. A full 74% of respondents named the side position as their preferred position. According to the underlying study, 10% lie on their back and 16% on their stomach while they slumber.
  27. Monks of the Buddhist Zen religion are only allowed to sleep on their right side. According to their beliefs, Buddha passed into nirvana in this posture known as the “lion position.”
  28. Up to 4,000 mites live in one gram of bed dust.
    The average German drank a full 150 liters of coffee last year.