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Why won’t my two year old nap?

The main reasons your toddler won’t nap during day are: They are overtired. They are distracted and overstimulated (by noise, light, the TV, roughhousing, foods, caffeine or medications).

Is it normal for a 2 year old to not want to nap?

Many toddlers will start resisting nap time around age 2. Although resisting can be normal toddler behavior, it’s not necessarily a sign that s/he is ready to stop napping altogether. Especially if on no-nap days you notice more meltdowns, bedtime battles and early morning wake-ups.

Why is my 2 year old fighting naps?

It can also be the result of her growing self-awareness and independence — she’s becoming more aware of what she wants, so if she doesn’t want to lie down for a nap, she’s going to let you know it! We advise parents to treat this sudden naptime resistance as a regression, and not as something permanent.

How do I get my stubborn 2 year old to nap?

How to Get Your Toddler to Nap

  1. Keep a consistent routine everyday.
  2. Burn off extra energy before nap time.
  3. Restrict sugar and screen time.
  4. Use the same sleep space, day and night.
  5. Start a pre-nap calming routine.
  6. Keep your toddler “in the loop”
  7. Commit to 2-3 weeks of getting your toddler to nap.

What Age Should toddlers stop napping?

Then, at some point between 15-18 months, your toddler will transition from 2 naps to just 1. The age for kids to stop napping varies greatly. Some toddlers stop napping by age 2-3, while other kids will continue to need naps past age 5! However, the average age for kids to stop napping is sometime between age 3 and 4.

What do you do when your toddler refuses to nap?

My toddler refuses to nap! What should I do?

  1. Avoid Naptime Battles. “There are some things parents have no control over. …
  2. Plan Lots of Morning Activity. …
  3. Don’t Force It. …
  4. Make the House Quiet and Dim. …
  5. No Nap = More Nighttime Sleep. …
  6. Consider Lying Down With the Child. …
  7. Soothing Music May Help. …
  8. Curb Your Expectations.

How long does the 2 year sleep regression last?

How Long Does Toddler Sleep Regression Last? Toddler sleep regression generally occurs between 18 months and 2 years of age, although the exact time is different for each child. If you’ve noticed the symptoms, rest assured that most sleep regression stages last for only a few weeks at a time.