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Who is buying insomnia cookies?

Krispy Kreme is acquiring a majority stake in Insomnia Cookies, the sweet-treats brands announced on Friday. The deal will pull the cookie-delivery company into JAB Holdings’ café-and-coffee empire, which includes Krispy Kreme, Panera, and Pret A Manger. JAB acquired Krispy Kreme for roughly $1.35 billion in 2016.

Who bought Insomnia Cookies?

Krispy Kreme

The company has expanded throughout the continental U.S., opening its 100th store in Krispy Kreme, financed by JAB Holding Company, acquired Insomnia. Insomnia Cookies continues to operate independently.

Are Insomnia Cookies worth?

Overall, the cookies were a great treat. They were not too sweet and had a gooey, chewy texture. My favorite was unequivocally the double mint chocolate. It was the perfect balance of rich chocolate and mint chocolate chips.