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How to make nap killzone better?

Are nap Killzone broadheads good?

very sharp. Good looking broadheads with a very nice opening mechanism. Accuracy: They are just as accurate as any other broadheads I have shot. They are not extremely forgiving but if you have good form and a good shot they will hit their mark.

How do you set nap on Killzone broadheads?

Even pushing slowly the blades will fully. Open never try to open the blades with your fingers. As you may be accidentally cut as the blades pop open the blades may feel hard with fingers.

How does the NAP Killzone work?

The field-point accurate Killzone® uses NAP’s unique spring-clip design which ensures your blades won’t open in flight or in your quiver. There are no o-rings or rubber bands to worry about. 3 per pack. The massive 2” cutting diameter creates devastating entry and exit wounds for quicker recoveries.

Are nap broadheads made in USA?

Made in USA. The Thunderhead Nitro is a 100% American made fixed blade broadhead featuring 3 ultra-sharp blades that deliver a 1 1/16″ cutting diameter.

Can you use Killzone broadheads for crossbows?


The Killzone Crossbow broadhead provides a devastating 2″ cutting diameter and is designed to be shot from today’s fastest and most powerful crossbows.

Are ThunderHead broadheads good?

The Thunderhead is widely recognized as the finest fixed blade broadhead ever created. The sharpest blades. The best quality. More animals have been taken over the years with Thunderheads than any other broadhead.

Where are Rage broadheads made?

Rage Broadheads, made in Wisconsin, are thoroughly and carefully manufactured and tested for quality before being shipped.